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Meeting the GP Forward View: Training for Receptionists and Clerical Staff

Tuesday 15th Nov 2016 - Thornfields

Part of the FPM Group, Thornfields are trusted specialists in providing high quality training courses to staff in the primary care sector. To help practices meet the goals set out in the General Practice Forward View, we have designed comprehensive programmes to help receptionists and clerical staff undertake enhanced roles in Active Signposting and Management of Clinical Correspondence, tailored to the needs set out in the GP Forward View.

Thornfields are offering these programmes to Federations and CCGs to help them develop the capabilities of the practice workforce over the next five years. The programmes build on the many courses of this type that we have already delivered across the country during the last three years, and our trainers have an excellent track record of upskilling hundreds of practice staff to help them deliver benefits to both patients and their practice.

Working in partnership with CCGs, Thornfields can help ensure that they meet the criteria set out by NHS England while delivering the most effective and advantageous changes to the practice workforce. The key aims of the programmes are saving time for GPs, driving efficiencies in the practice, increasing job satisfaction and delivering a faster, more effective service to patients.

If you think your practice could benefit from working with Thornfields to achieve these goals, get in touch with your CCG to find out whether they’re aware of these training opportunities.

Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with Thornfields:

• MDU or MPS indemnity checked
• CPD points for GP-attended units
• CQC have been engaged for input into course materials and programmes
• Trained staff receive a joint CCG/Thornfields accreditations
• Hear from receptionists, staff and GPs with first-hand experience  of using these methods
• Accreditations can be built upon year after year to provide staff with a long-term training programme, increasing job satisfaction and helping staff retention
• All course booking, emailed course reminders and other administration undertaken by Thornfields (if required)

All of Thornfields’ experienced trainers come from a professional background in primary care and we recently won Education Provider of the Year at the General Practice Awards at the prestigious GP Awards

If you have any queries or require further information about the Active Signposting and Management of Clinical Correspondence programmes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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