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We are Disability Confident, are you?

Thursday 23rd Jul 2015 - First Practice Management (FPM) Group

First Practice Management (FPM) Group is proud to announce that we are supporting the Disability Confident campaign.

The campaign is being led by the Department of Work and Pensions and aims to remove barriers, increase understanding and ensure that disabled people have opportunities to work to their full potential.

Why are we supporting Disability Confident?

There are many reasons FPM Group is supporting the Disability Confident campaign, but one of the key reasons is that it makes good business sense. According to Business Disability Forum (formerly Employer’s Forum on Disability) disabled employees have a better attendance record, stay longer and have fewer accidents than non-disabled employees. The BDF also provide the following statistics:

  • There are 12 million disabled people in the UK, 10 in 100 use wheelchairs.
  • Only 3% of people are born with an impairment. Most become disabled during their working lives.
  • The spending power of households that include a disabled person, the Purple Pound, is valued at £212 Billion. Employing disabled people creates better connections with disabled customers, allowing business to tap into their spending power.

How will this benefit our delegates?

Legal opinion suggests that due to the funding source and internal medical expertise, GP Practices would be expected to be more accommodating to employees (or applicants) with disabilities. In a tribunal situation, what would be deemed as reasonable for a standard organisation would need to be more generous in a medical environment? Under disability discrimination legislation, there is also no upper limit to the amount of compensation that can be awarded.

We are committed to supporting our members and Thornfields delegates with all of their employment needs, including how to support and manage people with disabilities.

What have we pledged to do?

As well as reviewing what we do internally, including looking at how WE support people with disabilities, we are going to ensure we can support our clients as much as possible in this area. The following are things FPM Group have started to roll in and pledge to do going forward:

  • A disability confident area of the FPM site has been launched to include help and guidance on managing employees with disabilities, including links to all of the relevant areas and organisations where you can get support.
  • Our HR policies have been reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of practices, particularly in their obligations to employees with disabilities.
  • The site accessibility has been reviewed so we can ensure our fonts, styles and website are more accessible to people with hidden impairments. For example, did you know that certain font styles such as Times New Roman are difficult for some people to read and certain colours can be trickier to read than others?
  • Our training providing arm, Thornfields, are reviewing their content to ensure they are both accessible to people with disabilities and also support GP practices with their obligations. Thornfields also deliver an Equality and Diversity course to help GP practices meet their employment requirements.
  • The adviceline will be available to members who have any queries surrounding the subject.

Our commitment to being disability confident is a continuous one which will result in progressive developments to the FPM and Thornfields service.

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