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What if the surgery roof starts leaking?

Wednesday 22nd Jan 2014 - Malcolm Thomas

Think of the consequences if damp patches appear on the ceiling of consulting rooms or the waiting room and water starts dripping onto the floor. These rooms might quickly become unusable and the functioning of the premise is compromised.

Quite apart from the inconvenience and cost of investigating the cause of the leaks and temporary repair work, what might be the unseen consequential damage of a roof covering in poor condition? Damage to ceiling, wall and floor finishes is relatively inexpensive to reinstate, but what if the roof waterproofing and supporting timbers, which have been left uninspected, have rotted and lose their strength. The job of reinstating the surface finishes within the room then becomes a major structural repair project, clinical services are significantly disrupted and the cost escalates.



Maintenance good practice recommends a comprehensive building survey every five years to assess the physical condition of the premises and anticipate the remaining life of roof coverings and all other external and internal building components and installations. One of the outputs is a 10 year maintenance plan which will identify and report on incipient signs of defects and anticipate and prioritise expenditure. This will enable you to manage and keep control of costs arising from the use and occupation of the premises.

The Surveyor carrying out the inspection will ascertain the likely root cause of a defect such as dampness and recommend long term repair solutions and not just the treatment of the surface symptoms presented. Preventative action through a planned approach to maintenance is more cost effective than responding to repairs as faults arise. 

We routinely invest in an annual servicing and inspection of the boiler and heating systems in our homes. Extend this same principle to the whole property and manage the risks posed in owning and occupying business premises whilst also protecting the value of your asset.

Thornfields, primary care training specialist, are happy to announce the launch of a brand new training course for January 2014.

Effective Facility Management and Maintenance of Surgery Premises, has been specifically designed for primary care managers. This one day course instructs managers on how to adopt a smarter approach to managing statutory compliance; keep abreast of legal requirements and good practice and understand how to procure and manage building projects. To view full course details visit the Thornfields Primary Care Training Specialists Website.

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