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Managing Pressure at Work

Workshop Agenda:

Session 1:

  • What is Pressure?
  • The Kamin Curve
  • The Adrenalin Rush
  • Balloons - Key Points!
  • The Real Source of Pressure

Session 2:

  • Causes of Pressure at Work
  • Pressure & Perception
  • Tackling the Worry Habit
  • Proactive Working Styles

Session 3:

  • Becoming Change Skilled
  • Immediate Pressure Reducers
  • Long Term Pressure Management
  • 10 Positive Steps
  • Asking for Help

Session 4:

  • Teamwork and Pressure
  • Recognising Pressure in Colleagues
  • Using the 20 Minute Technique
  • Action Planning

Workshop Objective

Balancing the positive impact of pressure with the negative impact of stress is a major concern to every employer - this thought provoking course will equip delegates with the skills they need to contribute effectively at work. The course features both short term and long term stress management techniques as well as ways to change the way people behave when pressure hits high levels.

The aim of this one day workshop is to enable primary care staff to work more effectively and gain greater job-satisfaction by taking pro-active steps to control the effect of constantly changing pressures. It has been specifically written for primary care staff and will enable participants to identify sources of pressure and develop practical techniques for productive working both individually and in teams. Delegates will also learn how to thrive on change rather than resist it!

Who should attend

This workshop has been designed particularly for front-line staff but is suitable for all those who work in supporting functions in the primary care environment such as:

  • Receptionists & Secretaries
  • Administrative & other support staff

Workshop Duration

Full Day or Half Day

Feedback from delegates

"I enjoyed the course and will make changes as a result."
Kay Palmer, Priorslegh Medical Centre

"Very informative. I liked that Katie has worked in general practice as she understands the situations we get involved in."
Louise Rycroft, Priorslegh Medical Centre