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Maximising Income, Minimising Cost

Workshop Agenda:

Session 1:

  • How to be a more profitable business
  • The anatomy of a high earning Practice
  • An overview of traditional funding streams
  • How to ensure  these sources of income are presently being maximised
  • SWOT analysis – to identify potential opportunities
  • How to identify those opportunities that may generate income

Session 2:

  • When is a cost an investment?
  • What cost threats and challenges can presently be foreseen?
  • How well are you sweating your costliest assets?
  • Traditional vs. innovative skills mix
  • The value of benchmarking

Workshop Objective

The aim of this workshop is provide delegates with a clear understanding of how to identify and exploit potential funding opportunities, while at the same time minimising any non-value adding cost. Delegates will be afforded the opportunity for facilitated group work where they can reflect on how well they presently exploit traditional funding streams and what innovative sources of income they could now consider.

Delegates will also conduct a horizon scan to enable them to consider what could impact on their cost base into the future and how best such influences could be controlled.

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for Practice Managers.

Workshop Duration

Half Day