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Equality and Diversity

Workshop Agenda:

Session 1:

  • The meaning of diversity and differences between people
  • Understanding the legal position and responsibility for human rights
  • Language and terminology
  • How prejudice and discrimination occur

Session 2:

  • Disability – Requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act
    - Physical disabilities
    - Mental health and learning disability
    - Capability and Consent
  • Gender issues and Sexual orientation
  • Children and young people
  • Older people

Session 3:

  • Understanding culture and religion
  • Beliefs, values and practices of different groups
    - World religions and national groups
  • Names and naming patterns

Session 4:

  • Beliefs and their impact upon:
    - The need for health care
    - The perception and use of services
    - Barriers to access
    - Understanding, capability and consent
  • Planning actions in your practice

Workshop Objective

Meeting the varied needs of patients is paramount to all of the NHS and forms an underpinning principle of CQC Registration - understand the complexity of those needs and the diversity of the patient population establishes the starting point for achieving this. By attending this workshop delegates will learn about the differences in patient needs and expectations  that arise from differences in culture, religious belief, and disability and many other facets of diversity.

By the end of this one day workshop, delegates will have gained an understanding of the meaning of equality, diversity and human rights and will understand the importance of these in achieving CQC Compliance in their practice. The workshop will focus on how diversity impacts the practice and patients and will provide resources to help practices deliver services and communicate effectively with the patient population. Topics will also include ensuring that consent, confidentiality and patient understanding are always considered appropriately.

Who should attend

  • Receptionists
  • Secretarial and Administrative staff
  • Practice managers
  • Doctors & nurses
  • Other healthcare workers

Workshop Duration

Full Day or Half Day