Consultancy Objective

The aim is for the consultant to act as a “critical friend” and identify both existing best Practice and potential improvement opportunities. This will then enable the Practice to subsequently develop a practical action pan.

This will take a full day - likely to start at around 9 and finish around 4.30. During which time the consultant will need input and support from the Practice Manager and other members of the Practice team.

It will also include a review of how prepared the Practice Manager is for their next “Annual Review” phone call with CQC.

The content of the day is flexible -but likely to be framed by the following structure.

Consultancy Price

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Consultancy Agenda

The topics that will be covered include;

  • Review of previous CQC report
  • Preparing the 1000 word reply to CQC when notified of a visit
  • Preparing the 30 minute presentation
  • Records and Documentation Audit
  • Review planning for “Annual CQC phone call”
  • Conversation with Clinicians.
  • Interviews with two reception staff members
  • Interview with Nurse Lead
  • Follow up of any outstanding issues or concerns.
  • Reviewing of additional records.
  • Further Staff interviews if necessary.
  • Feedback to Practice Manager