Workshop Objective

The purpose of this session is to enable delegates to understand

  • The need for IG risk management within Primary Care.
  • The recommended approach to information risk management.
  • The key roles & responsibilities
  • What is meant by the term “information asset” and how then risks to them should be identified and managed?
  • The key to successful information risk management.

There will be opportunities for reflection and peer-to-peer learning.

All delegates will be able to download a certificate of attendance.

Workshop Price

The standard rate for a half day workshop is £629 + VAT.

This is for up to 15 delegates and includes all workshop material and trainer costs.

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Workshop Agenda

The topics that will be covered include;

  • Welcome, introductions and objectives
  • What is information risk?
    • Threat
    • Vulnerability
  • What is information risk management
  • The Key roles in IRM
    • Siro
    • IG Lead
    • Caldicott lead
    • DPO
  • What is an information asset
  • Managing information risk
  • Acceptable risks
  • Successful information risk management
  • Complete action plan