Workshop Objective

SNOMED CT stands for “Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms” and is a common clinical language that will replace Read codes within the NHS.

This workshop will give delegates a clear understanding of both the transformational and transactonal elements of this change, providing a strategic overview of ‘why’  and an operational understanding of ‘how’  to meet the deadline for all GP practices to have transitioned, both Read v2 and CTV3, to SNOMED CT before 1st April 2018.

Delegates will develop a clear action plan so they understand what this means for their practices, what is likely to happen automatically and what they are likely to need to do for themselves.

Workshop Price

The standard rate for a half day workshop is £595 + VAT.

This is for up to 15 delegates and includes all workshop material and trainer costs.

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Workshop Agenda

The topics that will be covered include;

  • Welcome, introductions and objectives
  • Why the change?
  • What will happen, when and how?
  • What does SNOMED CT look like?
  • Differences between SNOMED CT and Read codes
  • Finding terms in SNOMED CT
  • Preparing for the transition
  • Developing your action plan