Consultancy Objective

This consultancy approach aims to further enhance new or established GPs practical understanding of a number of the business imperatives central to running a sustianably successful GP's Practice.

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Consultancy Agenda

Session 1: Finance – A Practical Overview

The objective of this session is to provide newly qualified GPs with an understanding of  

  • fundamental practical finances in primary care
  • understanding GMS contracts,
  • Understanding year-end accounts, salaries, indemnities.
  • Being able to recognise and exploit general opportunities 

The intention being to give a clear practical understanding of the role finance plays in running a sustainably successful GP’s Practice.

Session 2: General Accounting for GP Partners

Based on raises awareness of ", the aim of this workshop is to provide GPs with succinct, accessible and up to date information on the following:

  • Maximising Income
  • How to become a high earning practice
  • Pensions and Payroll
  • Controlling Expenditure
  • Benchmarking
  • Enhanced Services
    • Non-NHS income opportunities

Session 3: Becoming a Business Partner and Security in Primary Care

The aim of this workshop is to enthuse attendees as to why partnership in primary care is a fulfilling and worthwhile opportunity that can guarantee sense of ownership in patient care.

Topics covered may include:

  • Addressing New Models of care and opportunities within that  (including increase in earning and ways of working
  • Easing GP Pressure through new roles (and how to foster a practice culture of skill-need rather than role-needs)
  • Professional Opportunities through freed time (Directorship, CCG etc)
  • Benefits of being a Partner in your own practice