Workshop Objective

How much time/ resource is spent on explaining to your patient, what they should, could and must do to manage their condition. This is the course that will give you the skills to empower your patients to do it for themselves

The key aim of this workshop is to enable HCA’s and health professionals to improve their motivational interviewing skills in the workplace. The workshop will focus particularly on the principles of RULE and OARS, Resisting, Understanding, Listening and Empowering.  Open Questioning, Affirmation, Reflective Listening and Summary Reflections. Delegates will learn the specific techniques to help the patient and update the professional.

Workshop Price

The standard rate for a one full day workshop is £975 + VAT.

This is for up to 15 delegates and includes all workshop material and trainer costs.

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Workshop Agenda

The topics that will be covered include;

  • Welcome, Introductions and Objectives
  • Motivational Interviewing, What is it, What can it be used for and why use it
  • R U L E the four principles
  • Feelings and Barriers
  • O A R S
  • The three core communication skills ( role Play)
  • Resisting the righting reflex
  • Empower patient to make the decision and plan
  • Set the Agenda “ theirs not yours”
  • Assessing importance and confidence
  • A Positive Approach
  •  Top Tips for Motivational Interviewing
  • The Importance of Feedback and continued learning
  • Action Plan