Consultancy Objective

This consultancy approach aims to further enhance new or established Practice or Business Mangers' practical understanding of a number of the business imperatives central to running a sustianably successful GP's Practice.

Consultancy Price

Our consultancy service is designed to specifically match the needs of the practices in your CCG. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and pricing.

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Consultancy Agenda

The topics that will be covered include;

  • Financial Management
    • How to read and understand practice finance documents
      • Year end accounts
      • Understanding GMS Contract and Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE)
      • Open Exeter
      • NHS payments in primary care
    • General accounting
      • Maximising income
      • How to become a high earning practice
      • Pensions and payroll
      • Controlling expenditure
      • Benchmarking  Enhanced Services
      • Non-NHS income opportunities
    • Financial risk factors
      • Financial planning - budgets and controls
      • Practice finance authority
      • Unavoidable staff costs
  • Business Planning
    • Writing a business plan
    • Understanding and writing a business case
    • Business strategy
    • Working at scale
  • General Business Operation
    • Human resources
    • Health and safety