Workshop Objective

Access and responding to the increasing needs and demands of patients is one of the greatest challenges facing practices.

This interactive workshop will provide managers with tips and tools to help them develop access and responsiveness and improve the experience of patients. Delegates will focus on understanding capacity and demand, assessing patient experience and changing systems to improve access.

Workshop Price

The standard rate for a one full day workshop is £925 + VAT.

The standard rate for a half day workshop is £595 + VAT.

This is for up to 15 delegates and includes all workshop material and trainer costs.

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Workshop Agenda

The topics that will be covered include;

  • Welcome, introductions and objectives
  • The current patient experience – acting on feedback
  • Understanding need, demand and capacity
    • Management and Assessment Tools
  • Ways of meeting demand
  • Improving the practice skill mix
  • Staff competence framework
  • Putting in place practice standards
  • Improving access
    • Appointments
    • Signposting Alternatives
    • Using your Telephone System Effectively
  • Communicating with patients
  • Planning changes
    • Time and Consistency
    • Implementation Plans
  • Practice Action Planning Checklist